Hotel Van Dyk With Big Day Blooms and Cakes

Earlier this year, Sophie from Big Day Blooms and Cakes got in touch and asked if I could capture her setting up Sara and Andrew's Chesterfield wedding. She was to supply the flowers for the bridal party, buttonholes for the groomsmen, the cake, dress the church for the ceremony and dress the reception room to await Andrew and Sara's return. A lot of work for one person but I couldn't recommend anyone better. 

It turned out to be a rather action-packed day. The plan: Arrive at Hotel Van Dyk, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire and capture the pre-wedding shots. Next, go to Staveley Church (of which Sophie and I found out, there are two of within a stones throw of each other). After this, a quick visit to Andrew (groom) to drop off the buttonholes. Note to self, new housing estates aren't always on Google Maps.

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 Andrew's Buttonholes

Andrew's Buttonholes

Upon arrival at the church, we found that no-one was to be seen and when there are two venues with the same name, some quick thinking was required. Fortunately, the Vicar's phone number was on the door. After a quick call we were in and followed by a search around the church for the light switches we began setting up and shooting. 

 (L) Staveley Church pew decorations.  (R) Lavender with rosemary chair decorations.

(L) Staveley Church pew decorations.

(R) Lavender with rosemary chair decorations.

After Staveley Church, it was back to the venue to cover Sophie dressing the reception venue at Hotel Van Dyk. Sophie added a subtle touch to the guests chairs that I hadn't come across before. The rosemary and lavender gave the room a warm and inviting scent and next to the table decorations, really tied the whole room together.

Here comes the twist in the plot; It got to the end of the ceremony and Andrew and Sara discovered their official photographer hadn't arrived. We got notice of this whilst dressing the Van Dyk reception room. After offering to cover the rest of the day for them, it turned out that one of their friends had their equipment with them and stepped in. As I was there, had all my equipment and as a kind gesture, I got a few snaps during the drinks reception for them. 


After what seemed like an eventful morning and the odd downpour, everyone seemed to have comfortably settled in to the day. Congratulations to Andrew and Sara! 

For more shots from the day, check out the gallery below! 

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