Elaine and Roger in Leeds

A truly original and contemporary wedding in Leeds

The Quebecs Hotel in Leeds City centre was the location for Elaine and Roger's early morning preparations. 

It was a great venue to shoot. The light seemed to fall perfectly though the windows. The Irregular Choice shoes seemed to photograph extraordinarily well too. 

The Quebecs hotel in Leeds

After the prep, we managed to find a quick opportunity to grab a couple of pictures around the hotel before heading to the ceremony. I asked the receptionist if It'd be alright to get a shot or two on the entrance hall stairs to which she replied "No...". I was stunned by her responce. She then followed with ..."We insist you do!". 

The ceremony was held at St Matthew's Church in Chapel Allerton. It's a wonderful place, I recommend a visit!

After the ceremony there was time for a stop at the local for a swift half while the guests made their way over to the reception. An amazing addition to the day. 

Further North in Chapel Allerton

Next was the reception. The idea of having this in the event space at the side of Duke Studios on Sheaf Street was something I hadn't come across before. It worked perfectly. 

 All things borrowed kitted the room out amazingly. 

All things borrowed kitted the room out amazingly. 

The self picked soundtrack was one of the best I've heard. Even the band stuck around to show a few moves on the dance floor.


Thanks to Duke Studios for the venue,  All Things Borrowed for kitting it out and most of all Elaine and Roger for booking me!